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Wisconsin Wealth Advisors
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Wisconsin Wealth Advisors is here to help you create and manage your wealth. Our big picture approach means that we will look at your personal situation and incorporate strategies in wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning, income-tax planning, professional money management, 401K/IRA rollovers, retirement planning, long-term care planning and insurance services.

Our Services include:

Wealth Management

It's been said that you have enough money when you don't have to worry about money. That's our foremost goal, to help you acquire the amount of wealth that meets your needs. Then the next step is to make sure you hold that level through your earning years and retirement.

Financial Planning

In order to get anywhere, you need to know where you want to go. After you've established your goals, we help implement a program that moves you in the right direction.

Estate Planning

You will want to make sure that your assets are transferred to the ones that you love with minimal legal obligations and tax liabilities. Our estate plans help you organize your assets, create a structure that preserves them, and allows more of your assets to transfer on to your beneficiaries.

Income-Tax Planning

We want to help you keep as much of your money allowed by law. The time to figure out a plan isn't right before you file your taxes, but in the previous year so you have the strategies in place that make the most sense for preserving assets and lowering your tax obligations.

Professional Money Management

Investing is different for every individual. We take the time to learn your preferences and needs, devise financial strategies to meet your requirements, and then develop a long-term approach to manage your assets.

401K/IRA Rollovers

We make keeping your IRAs and 401K's on target with your overall investment plan as simple as possible. Should you choose to roll over your current investments, we do as much of the work as we can so you don’t have to.

Retirement Planning

Planning a successful retirement can be complicated. We believe consistency and personalized strategies are the two most important ingredients to help you achieve your goals.

Long-Term Care Planning

High health care costs are a concern for anyone. The time to plan for long-term care is while you are still healthy.


Because we are licensed to sell life, disability, and long-term care insurance through Chris Swenson, we are able to look at your total financial health. We also have trusted partnerships with health care insurance agents that can discuss your needs and the options available.