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Professional Money Management

There are three things that differentiate one financial advisor from another.

First is knowledge of products. Either your financial partner knows about the investments he or she is recommending, or they are guessing. (Or worse, making decisions based on commissions.) At Wisconsin Wealth Advisors, we won't recommend an investment to you unless we feel that we personally know the product and feel comfortable that it meets your needs.

Second are strategic capabilities. There's a lot to know in the financial world, from short term trading to traditional asset allocation. From tax liabilities to estate repercussions, everything affects other components of your financial world. When developing new plans or readjusting old ones, the ability to see the big picture and strategize is essential to success.

Third is service. If your financial advisor is missing in action when the market goes down, you are not getting the service you deserve or need. Communication, follow-through, expertise and courtesy are all things you should expect from any professional that you hire. Especially financial advisors.