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Income Tax Planning

Tax planning is all about creating a program that preserves your income for your use, allowing you to keep as much of it as possible. Strategies include optimizing your deductions in the current year to keep more of your income. It also includes options to defer your income into savings programs and investments that may be taxed at a lower rate upon your retirement.

We will work with your tax preparer to develop a plan that will help with:

  • Choosing proper withholding amounts
  • Strategies to reduce tax payments for the current year and years ahead
  • Analysis of deductions
  • Shifting of taxable income
  • Record keeping
  • Tax planning for the self-employed and business owners
  • Looking at past years (to possibly get refunds from previous years)

Tax codes are extremely complicated. Using a tax advisor and building a plan will help you keep more of your money for your own benefit.