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Monthly Cash Flow Calculator

A cash flow analysis shows your income and expenses and determines whether you are "living within your means" or having to borrow money each month. The calculator below will help you to categorize your monthly income and expenses expenses and will show you whether or not you are spending more than you make.

After tracking your expenditures over the course of 30 days you can categorize the money you spend and create a cash flow analysis. Even if you don't feel like tracking every cent you spend for a month, you will find that the calculator below has a large number of categories that help you to guesstimate your monthly expenses fairly accurately. It will be useful to collect together your check book and a stack of monthly bills before starting in with this calculator, as they will contain the data you need to fill in all of the different fields.

You will want to use the Hidden Expense Calculator first because the monthly number it generates is needed in this calculator.


Regular Income - Enter you normal monthly income here. If you are married add your income and your spouses.
Other Income - Enter any extra monthly income you might make from a night job, royalties, etc.


Rent or Mortgage - Enter your monthly rent or mortgage bill here.
Car Payment - If you have a car loan(s), enter the total monthly payment(s) here.
College loans - If you are making payments on a college loan, enter the payment here.
Other loans - If you make monthly payments on other loans for furniture, boats, appliances, etc., enter the total monthly payments here.
Insurance - If you make monthly payments on any type of insurance, enter the amount here (do not enter insurance policies that you pay yearly or every six months, as they will be on the hidden expense calculator).
Groceries - Enter the amount you spend per month on food at the grocery
Eating Out - Enter the amount you spend per month on food at restaurants, vending machines, etc.
Gasoline - Enter the amount you spend per month on gasoline
Electricity - Enter your average monthly electric bill here.
Gas - Enter your average monthly natural gas bill here.
Water/Sewer - Enter your average monthly water bill here
Telephone - Enter the amount you spend on local and long distance phone service per month
Clothing - Enter the amount you spend on clothing per month
Habits - If you smoke, play the lottery, etc. on a regular basis, enter your average monthly expenses here.
Cable TV - If you have cable enter your monthly bill here.
Cellular phone or beeper - If you have a cell phone or beeper and pay a monthly bill on it, enter the bill here.
Entertainment - Enter you average monthly expenditure on entertainment: movies, videos, nightclubs, shows, music (CDs and tapes, concerts, etc.), Internet, video games, etc.
Medical - If you spend money monthly for medicine, treatment or medical insurance, enter the amount here.
Other - Enter here anything else you can think of that you typically pay on a monthly basis.
Hidden Expenses - Use the Hidden Expense Calculator to calculate your total hidden expenses, and enter the monthly number from that calculator here.
Click this button to calculate the total.
Total Income - This is your total income per month
Total Expenses - This is the total amount of money you spend per month on expenses.
Loss or gain - This number is total income minus total expenses, and indicates your loss or gain each month. A positive number indicates that you make more than you spend and therefore are able to save money each month. A negative number indicates that you spend more than you make and are therefore borrowing money each month.

If you find from this analysis that you spend more than you make, then it may be time to look at your lifestyle and make some corrections.